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Festive Windows

December is almost upon us. A busy time for many both in our virtual worlds and corporeal ones.  Many of us are settling in for the holiday season, some in snowy lands, some on tropical sands.

I won't be covering Advent this year, but when not to be missed items show themselves, I will try and include them in my current post.   I can confirm that there will once again be a star hunt Advent Calendar at Sway's  [with lots of decoy stars sadly]  and the annual Trompe Loeil Advent gacha (scroll down to that post). 

Check and Freestyle  for lists too. And of course pay attention to any groups you belong too.   I will not be doing an Advent calendar this year but I can happily say that I gave away over 44,000 gifts LAST year :D.

So have a great month exploring, gathering and present opening.

In my photo of the day note the very pretty window adornments.  These are out on the Saturday Sale at The Looking Glass.  Check your inventories as they are not new and you may already have them wandering amidst the dust-bunnies of your inventory.  3 land impact they come on a gold rod and can be used also as half window dressings.


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