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If you love fantasy then the new Lunara gacha is definitely something to check out. Lootbox is the place and deviousMind's Lunar is the set you are looking for.

This is a large set with so many items to try for. Shoes and a clothing are included and some awe-inspiring headpieces (oh so awe inspiring).  I am not that much of a high fantasy gal but I definitely appreciate the skill factor in this set and I love the owls.   Lots of owls to try for also. Show here is the GoddessStaff Night Love (dark) which as the name suggest is meant to be worn as a staff.

Well, sure -- you could do that. OR you could rez it as a prop and perhaps use it in a fantasy build for October?  That's my plan. This is 8 land impact rezzed with some glorious details.  There are also single owls. 

So while not my typical style (oh minimalist me) I did have fun with this release. The GlitterCorset fits like a dream (Lara) and the crown is perfect for when you are feeling just a bit regal.

Other part of my outfit include:

alaskametro "Mermaid" leggings and Black Magic eyeshadow and lipstick

Hair by *Soonsiki~ Treasure

Rocks by Konoha  at Cosmopolitan (this is one of the dark textures in the hud) See earlier post for more info

Pose by: SE Motion


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