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Cities of Industry

It's Friday --- and if we are lucky little consumers that means great things at low prices for Fifty Linden Friday.  This week I found two items that fit my style.

First up, the Air Turret Truck from D-Lab.  The owner can drive with four poses to choose from.  The barrels on board for my posing set up are current D-Lab group gifts and the crate is the packaging for the truck (how handy).

While I am not SURE, I think this is a fantasy build. Still, it definitely has that industrial look would fit in while in other stylings.     Also available in red.  I have left the male pose ball sitting on the truck back should anyone want to take their own photos. 

My second purchase of the early morn was at MINA's. Super cute blunt cut and casual the Audrie hairstyle comes in a variety of hair color packs. This is from the brown collection.  This is one of those half-and half hairs popular briefly a couple of years ago.  That was never my style but it is easy enough to match both sides of the hair for more typical look. 

Poses by: antique and NLA


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