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Garden Wellies

If gardening is part of your virtual life or if you just like to think ahead to Autumn, you may want to venture over to BOOTISM where you can pick up these décor boots as a group gift. One land impact each and no mod, they come with a color change hud. Free group. The vendor is right by the landing area on the back wall. 

And for those of you that remember the good old days before rigged shoes :D or new (or dinero challenged) that are willing to learn -- you CAN make these into wearable boots.  

From the inventory choose  Attach to  LEFT LOWER LEG or RIGHT LOWER LEG (NOT FEET).  

From there use the build menu to move the boots around to fit your FLAT FEET.  This will take some doing if you are not used to the process.   

Once the boots are fitting as well as they can, alpha out your feet and possibly ankle area -- either with hud or alpha mask. 

IMPORTANT: you need to take OFF each boot and then ADD back on to wear to make the changes "stick".  

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