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Gift Cards and Sparkly Things

There has been a long somewhat argumentative forum thread about gift cards and other things at Shop and Hop. Personally I "like" gift cards. I only pick them up from stores I plan to shop at of course. There were plenty of card and credit offerings that wouldn't work for me such as EVO-X items, tattoos, piercings and generally things I don't have or use.  I DID however pick up the gift card from GAWK!. It too was larger when I got mine than it is now but still very worthwhile.  Not sure what the deal is there. Maybe some creators gave away higher credit for "blogger day". I know not.

I really like the simplicity and craftmanship of GAWK!.  My shopping was easy as I did it all at Shop and Hop getting some super cute leggings along with two tops.  Sami on the right picked the same cropped top in a different color but journeyed over to the main store to find some pants (on sale) that were more her style.  Most of the newer clothing comes in the top mesh body fits and include huds for subtle differences like fabric texture and tone. 

Lani picked a cropped sweater with leather elbow patches that includes a longer buttoned shirt (optional) both sweater and shirt have texture / color options.  She plans to wear it with gray leggings but I had her change to aqua to color coordinate with the really lovely DRD - Boho Backyard - Roarke Chair -- purchased at the main store with the gift card from that shop.  

Also not to be missed some exquisite earring from toksik.   Color change hud for the jewels is included. 

Poses by: Everglow, the chair, LAP


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