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Recycling at SL20B

Despite a few mixed feelings I have to say that I had a LOT of fun doing this mini-hunt at SL20B.  I thought it was a recycling display and in some ways it is and others not so much.  And I didn't know I was at SL20B until I went to take a picture of the café and saw the Moles Mandala in the background.

EDIT:  SL20B has been extended until Monday July 17.   


Anyway here's the story.

You start at the café. Pick up your basket (a backpack at the vender near the door on the left).  Agree to the experience and start picking up cans.  You need 25 and you can get them very quickly as they are everywhere. The easiest way it to walk through them like on the old Linden Realms. 

When you are finished walk across to the recycle center (or start there as there are plenty of cans to be found their also) and turn in your cans.  

Now I took a snapshot of what happens and it really is entertaining and impressive but I decided that it was way too much of a spoiler. I will say that you will probably not be overly thrilled with your prize; the fun is in the process and the adventure.  You CAN pick up a gift to the right of the café by clicking on the soda machine. 

My not too positive feelings are because there is a big sign for the company behind this exhibit which gives out a lot of info on the company -- both being against the SL20B rules.  I did go to the website and the company  is something about gather and earn like coins and such.  You have to agree to the terms of service and sign up etc. and that isn't really what I consider a shining part of Second Life. 

STILL, the Recycling Exhibit is beautifully done and reminded me of adventures long ago when SL was in its infancy.   So YOU decide if you want to visit but do it soon as SLB20 won't be around too much longer. The official events are over soon but usually there is time after that when the displays are still available for viewing.  

I was definitely overdressed for picking up "trash". My outfit was featured in the post about gift cards. My new very posh earrings were just new ones I was wearing and they will have their own little post in the near future.  


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