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Dark Love

I've had this great tattoo from moloko for a few days now as well as some fun and unusual accessories. I had a plan of course, but plans go astray easily it seems. Finally, I made it to the Rouge Forest, scantily clad to show you as much of the tattoo as possible,  but still in PG mode.The tattoo is particularly interesting as you use a top and a bottom layer to span your midriff area and below.   I love the typography of the tattoo and the love theme is timely to boot. Not wonder it is such a hot item. Oh, did I mention it is a dollarbie?  Find it in a big poster on the floor of the shop. Follow your beam from my TP link above.

This is definitely not street wear, but who says we need to look "normal" all the time?  I added some fun horns and a mask from Illusions to my skimpiest of attire from deviousMinds and I do, indeed, feel very wicked.

My mask is from the Illusions lucky chair, one of two similar styles. My horns are from the same shop in the Shoes and Accessories Hunt. There is a very nice, fairly easy to find mask in a rose in another hunt. The horns were NOT easy *wink*. 

If you are one of those folks who like to change your eyes, skin and nails as often as you change shoes, you may really like the new eyes from deviousBeauty. They hold a myriad of colors with or without added effects. You can see a close up on the deviousMind blog. In this picture (click for a larger version) I am wearing the Rainbow Sparkles in my left eye (right eye in the photo).

Hair: Exile Fastball eclipse
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 2/bl) dec VIP gift
Eyes: deviousBeauty!dM deviousEyes/S "AngelDust" Delirium **GALAXY** (gift)
Clothing: deviousminds !dM - MmeChatouille - black
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Accessories: Illusions *~*Cylindriculus Horns (shoes and accessories hunt) and *~*Harlequin Columbina mask: Female (lucky chair)


Chandra said…
"skimpiest of attire" *giggles deviously* I guess leaving away most of the outfit helps on that hahahahah

LOVE how the pictures turned out, especially the last closeup one :-D looks like a little imp who's definitely having fun doing mischief ;-)

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