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Play Date

All work and no play -- as they say -- makes for a dull time. So late last night I got dressed up in the new top from G Field (subscribo) and new hair from the A gals and tried out the bicycle pose prop from Diesel Works. It came out around Valentine's Day but I didn't have a thing to wear -- well nothing new that worked, so it remained in my inventory,  tantalizingly calling from the depths of those 25,000 items.

We met at Car Wash, not the shopping area but the quieter streets over by the trailer park. The bike is lots of fun and comes in a variety of colors. I chose gray for neutrality. The bike is 22 prims and could be set up permanently outside if you have the prims to spare.

The prop features /1a adjustments and there is a poseball version in the pack. While I didn't try  that version, I'm guessing it is for places with scripts turned off.

When we hopped off the bike, it placed us in a perfect position for a duo shot. Those of you that take photos know how hard that is to do without poseballs, so I definitely took the opportunity to take my best shot.

There is a pose wall included in the pack. Just three prims, it is great in the studio. You could of course rez it out in the world.

The new Dizzy hair from Alli&Ali is an Xstreet dollarbie here. Other colors are available free by the voting wall and also as a group gift. It has a bit of that don't mess with me look I like. Fun! There is another great new dollarbie in with a Victorian look that I'll be showing you soon.

I'm skipping the rest of the style notes today as I don't think any other items are available any longer. And -- I need to get back to work. It was GREAT getting outside for some fresh air.


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