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Childlike Wonder

There is something afoot in  Drowsy. A not too well hidden village awaits those young at heart. If you visited the holiday market last year, you may remember where to find the magical village. This year you need to use some simple adventure gaming skills to enter. Once you find the tiny cottage and the colorfully wrapped presents, do a bit of exploring in the snowy land of glow.

Along with a pile of obvious presents there are numerous objects set to buy for $0. Keep exploring. Not only will you find surprises around every corner, there are goodies hidden where you would never expect. I am sure I missed a few, but I had a great time.

My one bit of newness for the day is this snowy skin from Tuli. The new Claire skin can be found at The Dressing Room's New Year Party event.  A very pretty, soft and delicate pale skin with snowflake "glitter", it is perfect for our remaining days of winter.   I am wearing some old favorite snowy eyelashes, but the skin has dark eyeliner with  wings at the corners and looks very nice without lashes -- a plus for shadow photography. 

These photos were taken without shadows as the beautiful colors and effects of Drowsy were lost in that mode. I am definitely enjoying my shadow play, though. It is getting easier and I am crashing less often so server codes must be improving. A big thank you  LL for that; a great present for the new year.

Style Notes: 

Hair: fri. - Dylan - Jaded Blond
Skin: [:T:] Claire / fair / li :: TDR Newyear 2011 LE
Clothing: sf design camo hooded jacket womens - white Jacket; [Miseria] Delirium Jeans - Coal ; e! Daringly Sweater (Blush)
Shoes: A-BOMB Courtney Boots

Poses by: Ks2cool, LAP


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