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Hard to Believe

I am taking the day off.

No, that's not the hard to believe part. I DO rest now and then.

I am going to recommend another blog. While I can't remember doing that in almost 3000 posts it may have happened, but it is certainly unusual.

It's been difficult to keep up with things lately. Lots of my favorite feeds have disappeared. Some of the blogs that I have enjoyed for years are gone. Things ARE things happening out there in virtualland, but if you aren't a networker (and I am SO not), finding out all you need to know can be difficult.

If you feel you've been missing out on things -- sales, events and the like; check out Sium by Elysium Hynes who has apparently discovered Pinterest and is loving it. Its easy to navigate and simple to see what's going on -- all in one spot.

No, I'm not moving or changing "the blog", but I might be getting some tips from Elysium *wink*.


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