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The Linden Endowment for the Arts AIR program is coming to a close, for this round anyway. New folks will be taking over in three weeks and all that has been built will be gone. I will be sad to leave MOSP. It wasn't "art", but it supported creativity. I had a wonderful time building it and there have been many thousands of visitors. Hopefully they will remember.

I have been deep in Blenderville the last few months. New skills are welcome but they do take time and commitment. I am feeling more at home with mesh now and it opens many possible creative doors. There is a new artist challenge from the University of Western Australia as well as a machinma contest. I have been lax in those areas but I can hear the siren's call.

Partly for filming and partly for me, I will be exploring the other LEA sims these next couple of weeks, filming raw footage for possible inclusion in a film that I have been thinking about for a long while. Along the way I ventured over to LEA27 -  DangerInEvolution by Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo. There are various places to visit and I have only begun, but I am mightily impressed. There is a story here. I changed my Windlight setting to those chosen by the creators -- one only available in Firestorm. It is mysterious and monochromatic -- fitting for my new outfit from Blue Blood, Beatrix.

Beatrix comes in the traditional Blue Blood colors. I (no surprise) chose plain black. The detailing is lovely and appliers are supplied for gals who want that enhanced look. I have to laugh here. Chatting with Chandra a couple of weeks ago she mentioned "when you get appliers". To that I answered, "NEVER". We can be anything we want to be in our virtual world. The fact that I am FLAT was not an accident *wink*.  Happily this new outfit works very well for us normal and less than gals.

Also, I have a story to tell and it will be chronicled  in the not too distant future. In the meantime, know that you can win these very fancy (there is another hand just as complex) nails and rings at FORMANAILS on the lucky board. I tped in to find a C there; lucky gal.

More on my adventures soon. 

Hair by EMO-tions

Poses by: Diesel Works (Fly series)


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