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One More Time - JOMO

A real life friend who is also in SL was asking me the other day about skins. To her it seemed that all the skin places had the same prices -- same with dance animations. Did I know of a good skin place that was cheaper?

Honestly I did not. In the past I have pretty much waited for a good gift skin and then switched when I found one I liked better than what I was wearing. Nowadays I have a drawer full of skins, some specialty and some everyday and I pick among them. I honestly can't remember buying a skin over $10. I suggested that she hit the weekly and monthly sales venues and watch for special deals from the designers she likes.

Another friend brought the subject up today. I had the same answer. But that was a nudge for me and I did some perusing of the marketplace with not so spectacular results.  There are plenty of skin lucky boards around but none that have worked for me. And then I remembered that there were skins on lucky boards at JOMO (see the last couple of post for complete info on that shop). The skins, both mens and womens looked impressive in the shop, so I sent Lani over to stand and watch for an "L" :D.

It didn't take to long and while she was waiting she garnered some other goodies from the boards. There are two women's skins (one younger than this) and two for men. All have eye tattoos on one side, not visible obviously depending on your hair style. These are extremely nice and Lani has never looked so good.

Lani's outfit is the valentine gift from Prim and Pixel mentioned a few days ago. The whole look fits her perfectly! 

So posting for her, the real life friends and you.

Poses by: aDORKable


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