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Flowering Vines and Window Box
from Barnsworth Anubis for FaMESHed

I have a long semi Op Ed piece in the post's folder. It covers some interesting bits of technical stuff so it will probably appear in the future, but Friday morning I realized what I actually wanted to talk about was ...


There are times in our lives when many if not all of us feel under-appreciated -- that we are holding up more than our half of the balance beam. It can be love, it can be business, it can be friendship, it can be an effort that we put forth again and again without acknowledgement.

When was the last time you told your partner, lover, parent, friend, child that you recognize their efforts? We often forget to say the words.

The holidays are difficult for some people. With few friends and far away from relatives they wonder why they are here going through the motions; they have given up on life simply because no one seems to care what they do or how hard they try.

There have been times in my life (both real and virtual) when I felt no one heard what I said or cared what I wanted. There have been times when I felt like a queen because so many people told me how important I was to them.

Two ends of the spectrum -- all it takes to go from one end to the other are a few words, or lack of them.


Anonymous said…
This is a nice article. Thank you. I'm sure there are others who appreciate it like how I do.

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