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Loves Lost

Many apologies. I hit the PM button instead of the AM one.

I don't "do" relationships in virtual worlds. I don't worry about who is behind the avatar. From my point of view they could be the vice president of the United States (the prez is likely too busy to log on you know) or a grandmother in Nebraska (that's the middle of US farm country for those of you on other continents). I like to know who I am talking, cuddling or making love with.

People come into our lives, sometimes for months -- sometimes merely hours. They change our perspective of ourselves. They make us wonder just how and why they appeared. Sometimes the events are fleeting, but they are often etched indelibly in our memories. They change who we are.

Kismet. Destiny. Fate. Whether you believe or not, there are almost certainly occasions when you wondered -- how you managed to leave your cell phone at the table to be retrieved by a charismatic man (or woman) -- how you somehow made it over the railroad tracks a few seconds before the seemingly distant train crossed the road  -- how you met someone you knew too many things about before he (or she) said a word.

It is a wondrous world we live in, us humanfolk. Mysteries abound. Now and then we glimpse the answers, just out of reach. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we find a piece to the puzzle that is our self -- and we discover one more tiny part of who we truly are.

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