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Faux Mesh and Import Export

* Note this is a post from last week that got bumped. Nothing has changed however :D

No great topic for this Sunday -- well there could be one but then confidences would be breached and I don't go there. So instead, here is my week in review for anyone that might care. And yes, a little philosophy will undoubtedly worm its way in between the letters.

It is very late Thursday eve as I type this. It has been a busy week with several new additions to MOSP LEA7 (remember photographers and bloggers are always welcome) and lots of activity over on Inworldz.

Somehow I have found myself making another city -- this time in Inworldz. It is not my sim, but apparently "my city". Serendipity is a strange thing.  It has been fun building, something I am not doing in SL at the moment.

Last night I got the idea to put up a freebie store. In the process I dug out my old Love Chic textures (only a few of you will remember that shop) and made up vendors with free goods for the new folks. The assortment of buyables is somewhat limited at IW. Putting out some things for those coming over (the welcome area always seems to be packed) is something that was easy for me to do.

A few hours and I had a small store for gals -- and a fun trip down memory lane. Now, I was never much of a clothes maker, but my old stuff looks better than the majority of the free items available there (not counting group gifts as some of those are extremely nice). So I am doing my part and that makes me happy.

For those of you that are OLD  -- maybe older than my six years -- IW is much like the SL of our youth. There is a charm there, most likely nostalgia for a time when life was simpler. There are a few high class, high end shops and you can get what you need; it isn't like Cloud Party where do-it-yourself is the rule.  I have enjoyed my explorations even when they took me to places that made my aesthetic senses scream; presumably folks are having fun and that is the point of it all.

I do however appreciate the beauty that can be found in SL. 

Along the way, as the year rang in, I started another blog. Only a few of you will be interested, but in case you are in both (or many) worlds, it is entitled In Between Worldz (isn't that catchy?)


And while I am thinking about my adventures of the last couple of weeks, I should mention that the export feature in Singularity and reportedly coming to Firestorm (I admit I haven't tried the beta viewer) works quite well. It is likely in other third party viewers.

You can export a prim item to your hard drive and then upload it as mesh. There was a program builders purchased that did this -- back in the days when mesh was new. Now you don't need that. In Sigularity it is right click on the item - more - more - tools - export. You have a choice of dae or obj.

 I have taken some old builds, turned them to "faux" mesh and imported to IW. It worked swimmingly except for small or thin "prims" which sometimes fell apart. The interesting thing is that while the build comes in at a lower land impact, it is still in pieces so adjustments are easy. You can even delete any faulty prims and upload them again separately.

You can also export a linked item of both mesh and prims. I was VERY surprised how well that worked. You can even export your mesh object by itself in case you have lost the original DAE file -- or like me the correct one is in a long list of possibilities.

Items do not keep their textures or any items in the contents (like scripts) and you of course need to be the creator of all the prims or mesh. Edit: late in the day I see I should have said PRIM items do not keep their texture mapping at this point. MESH keeps all the info needed. Just slap your ambient texture on there and you have an item just like in SL. The land impact may change. Houses seem to come across about the same, small items with lots of tris come in as more and I have a hilly area that is 49 LI in SL at 64 x 64 and ONE LI (I kid you not) in IW at 128 square.

The export feature could also be used in SL, but since mesh physics don't actually work correctly here, you would need to make a physics model in a 3D program -- at least for large builds (note that I haven't tested this so in some bizarrely perfect world it might import correctly like it does on other platforms). Still, a nice shortcut if you want to update some older creations.

There have been some spectacular releases this week and more to come sitting out on my building pad, so stay tuned. 


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