Back To The Future

It's a futuristic world over at The Liaison Collaborative this month where the theme is technology.

There is a big set of futuristic furniture from   22769 ~ [bauwerk] . The Suspensor Set items come in white or black with great textures, subtle glow and a smooth look. There are many ways to purchase so read the vendors carefully. These are very nicely done!  One caveat though, they are designed for BIG avatars and are not resizable so be sure and try the demo to see if they fit your needs. For techie ambiance? They are perfect and I love the wall art.

From Atelier Visconti there is the Fountain Soul. This would be spectacular at a wedding (with aqua ties for the guys etc) or make a great dance prop. You could of course JUST put it in your garden -- well sure you could!

Being very much into niche products  -- both buying and making -- it wasn't too difficult to pick my favorite release of this round. Now not many of you NEED this, but I am very impressed, so I am showing you anyway. A great roll play prop, I think it is wonderful that some creators take the time to make items that aren't mainstream.

Look for the Soy booth.

Pose by: Diesel Works