Neighborhood Lights

Out for The Neighborhood from CARGO, the Cyberjunk Streetlamp.

OK, we are going to have to backup here - LOL. While this is listed as being out today I did some sleuthing and happily found a new inworld shop (yeah) which is very cute. The streetlamp was not in attendance. Those of you that need (yes, for us city folks NEED is a good term) these lights, just remember where they come from. And, they may appear before the day is over.

[Afternoon note]: So the scoop is I was completely confused and was SURE that The Neighborhood was a Sunday thing. Apparently not or not now anyway. So my mistake. I did check and these will be back at the store and on the Marketplace sometime soon. AND as I type this (well in tandem) I am redoing the city with more streets and lights and buildings -- so a new look. 

I was thrilled to get these in. I love the items from CARGO; such a sister niche gal that Vikki. The lights come in three styles with a single lamp (no walk apparatus) in the mix.  I have big plans for these in the city.

My outfit is from Ducknipple, the Viral dress. The hud changes the accent colors.   Boots by BAIASTICE.

New skins from a new shop -- crow. This goth skin, sophie comes in four skin tones with this being the most saturated. It can easily cross over to non-goth stylings. Skin packs include four makeups per pack.

There are fantasy skins to be found here too, perfect for the upcoming holiday. I suspect you will be seeing some on these pages in October.


Poses by: Everglow