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House Tour

A great new house packed full of style and details is the focus of this post. And your tour guide? Well she just purchased a Maitreya Lara mesh body and can't stop gazing at herself. All is vanity? You got it.

So between the beautiful lines of both house and avatar, I am guessing there is something for everyone in this long photo journal.

The Skwer which hales from Maven Homes is a medium sized two story home with full upper deck and many details. Did I mention details? All for just 176 land impact. Ah the miracles of mesh.  Here the glass and metal stairway cover folds back to offer a wonderful place for sunbathing or a festive outdoor party.

The house comes with a small modern efficiency kitchen. A divided bathroom has plenty of room for a massage table or exercise gear.

My favorite architectural design is the stairway. Industrial modern all the way, there are plenty of windows to let the outdoors in.

The exterior makes a pleasingly stylish statement. The lines are so lovely, landscaping is hardly needed.


I want to add a little about my new mesh body. I am VERY happy with it. While there are lots of body choices (and I tried them all both new and old) this won my tests on two counts. First there is a tinter to adjust the basic skin tones; something I really needed as my skin is not anywhere near a "normal" shade. Little low saturated me had a very difficult time with matching.

Second the hud is SO EASY!  SO EASY! For my test I wore a favorite BAIASTICE short skirt and vest. A couple of clicks and it worked perfectly. I could even move down a size in the top for a better fit.  Now I know some outfits will be problematic; that's just life, but the thought process used to design the hud matches mine, so I am a happy gal.

Lingerie comes with and there is a choice of pieces to wear. There is also a mesh set of lingerie. Since I still like well made texture clothes just fine (and miss them sometimes) this will no doubt be my favorite. Free shoes are available to group members (free join) and there are other special items just for the group as well as a free skirt.

I am sure the designers I feature who make things for this body will be happy that I moved into the new year with a new look. And as Berry noted the derriere is to die for and the curve from waist to hips especially nicely done.

Hair by eXxEsS
Poses by aDORKable


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