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Losing Stuff

Hearts Alarm Clock from {what next} VIP Group Gift

I have had several major inventory losses over the years. The biggest one was the loss of my complete "Home and Garden" folder along with the "backups" folder for those same items (oh my!). This was maybe four years ago when I was living in the Bayou.

Devastated? You betcha.

What do you do? Well nowadays there are re-deliveries from Marketplace and vendors. Since I don't buy from either all that much it doesn't help. So the subsequent losses I just shrugged and moved on. The more it happens, the less it seems to impact. And yes, I did have inventory losses this year. Along with lots of random things and lots of textures, my whole "pose props" folder; wearable and rezable things designed primarily for photo shoots disappeared.

Back when I lost ALL that stuff word on the forums was "oh you never REALLY lose anything, you just need to follow these steps (insert link) to get your stuff back". Well -- anyone who has tried knows that only works occasionally.

Now The Lab has a new initiative going. In case you missed the announcement, they want to know your inventory loss experiences for the last year.

So here is the link:

It would be great if you have no need for it, but if you do -- get over there and fill in those radio buttons. Less loss is better and if this info helps we will all be happier.


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