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Mainland Retreat

This is a long post with lots and lots of photos, but I wanted to start out where we left off yesterday (well actually a few days ago as recently I blog in spurts ). This is my favorite go to outfit of late. Yesterday's photos were lovely but perhaps a bit too arty for you to see the details. While my jewlery and hair are new, the outfit is older but obviously with great staying power.

I can't tell you how many compliments I have had on this styling.  And I am feeling pretty much "me" with my new head. It IS a pleasure not to have to airbrush out those nose areas and all that :D.

Cheeky Pea has a skybox out for the Mens Dept. It is roomy and open with lovely skylights. It fits easily on a 512. AND it is only 20 land impact. This is an impressive feat.

There are three main areas, what I am going to call the living area (with furniture), a large open area that adjoins it .....

And an upstairs bedroom or office.

At 20 land impact, that leaves 93 prims or so (less if you will be using the very impressive fire - more on that in a bit) which is plenty to decorate with if you choose your pieces wisely.

Two of my best finds in the wee hours of the morning as I dug through my inventory was the Ansel photo shelf and console table (behind couch) from Cheeky Pea of days gone by. Link them together at even a BIG size and they are 1 land impact. The Trompe Loeil chairs and couch are 1 and 2 land impact if you take off the shadow. OhIamsosneaky -- well you have to be when you REALLY only have 50ish prims to use.

You see -- this is the home of three (yes THREE) kitties. While Pearl is living with me over at my beach abode, three friends have kitties living on this 512. Imagine what I could have done with those other 39 prims?  But I love my kitty and they love theirs and the felines seem to be happy up in the sky in this light and airy place.

Since I was on a VERY restrictive prim budget, I had to forgo use of the extremely impressive fire for the fireplace.

Click the floor of the fireplace to have the fire appear (7 li). Click the fire to get a menu with how you want the fire to look. A bonus that I discovered by accident is that you can pick the fire up and use it somewhere else!

This is an exceptionally well thought out build with lots of beautiful textures in a neutral and "manly" style. Sure to be a winner.

Furniture and accessories by Cheeky Pea, Trompe Loeil, Second Spaces and Sway's.  Book and glass decor one of my old props.

PS.   At the request of one of the kitty owners, I added grass -- and as an afterthought -- a view. Works well at the cost of only one prim.  Just in case YOU have kitties.

Outfit see yesterday's post (link up top)

Maitreya Mesh Body

.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA

Mayfly Eyes

Pose by: Vista Animaitons


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