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Outdoor Living

So many styles of outdoor living. Whatever yours, it is easy to find inspiration in the plethora of new releases in the home and garden arena.

From 22769 ~ [bauwerk] a mix of two event releases, the Daydreamer Corner for COLLABOR88 (garden shed, day bed, console table and four styles of amphores) and for Shiny Shabby -- the Memory Set (clock, memory chair with stock photos or customize option and sunflowers). Put them together and you have a wonderfully cozy outdoor area.

If rustic or role play is your niche, then this Fishing dock may be perfect your lake, stream or ocean estuary,  Find it at the Roawenwood booth at  We Love Role-Play

Three styles of tress are part of a Roawenwood group gift. 

Cheeky Pea has a fun new Role in the Hay set out for LTD.  Now I am not showing your the hay bales *wink*, but some of my favorite decor pieces from that big release. Most of us have only so much room and so many prims and we are forced -- oh so sadly -- to chooooooose at times.

I had no place for the cute hay bales but I definitely had a spot for the self contained fire pit. The log stack could go so many places and at just 1 land impact? What a deal. 

And who doesn't need a handy S'mores station -- just perfect for late night roasting and chatting as the warm summer breezes (or coolish winds of fast approaching Fall) blow our casually coiffed tresses with willful abandon?

OK, I admit I just wanted to make a really long sentence to fill this space!

The chairs on my second story deck are part of the Cheeky Pea Louis' Willow Set from awhile back.

Go forth and find some new stuff to perk up your outdoor spaces!


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