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It is Back To The Land time over at The Challenge this month. Some folks did that return to roots thing long ago, others never left their home counties. Either way, FARM is the theme for February.

With a huge selection of new releases, I decided that rather than give you a drum-roll of photos, I would send you over to the website where you can see all there is to see and get the SLURLS too!

It should be noted that this is ROUND 36 for The Challenge. Three years!  Way to go designers.

This is the Makeshift Sink from %Percent -- and yes, it definitely brings back memories. There was a time we were late to a party because it took SO long to bathe with merely a waterbath canner as the "tub" (yep, that IS a true story --  and a fun one).

So get a little dirt under your fingernails, plant some veggies, take care of the chickens, enjoy the loveliness of nature.  FARM!!!!


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