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On9 and a Little Fame

On9 - July

I didn't think I had a post for the evening, but then something fun happened ...

This afternoon I ventured over to On9 (opening the 9th) to see what new things might have appeared during the set up process. I ran into Heavenly Villa of shutter field finishing up her display across from mine. She mentioned how well our items coordinated this month and hoped that someone would put them together for a blog post.

I smiled and zipped off to TP her over to the set up I am working on with her chairs and ottoman and my bookcases, tables and candlesticks.

There is more to the arrangement and other items to be added before I shoot, but  you will get to see another version of this pairing (yep same colors but a few surprises added) at a later date. Don't worry there will be extra news in that post !

Late this eve I dropped by again (a curious gal) and found this display which really does look great.

The dresser is actually from an event now over and is available at the ChiC buildings shop along with plant and light fixture. I can't seem to get the maker of the rug by tricky means but it could be Heavenly's.

Morning note: More awake I tried another sleuth method and the rug IS from shutter field. 

Styling by Wendz Tempest.


Heavenly Villa said…
lol Well I did say they would go well together. Great minds eh. :) Lovely set up.

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