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Venues - A Love Hate Relationship

I can't actually remember when venue "events" became mainstream. I do know that I was in a few during my jewelry making days and that was SO long ago. Nowadays events are all the rage. I admit I really like the ability to see new releases from lots of designers all in one place. I admit that I spent a fair amount of time going through Seraphim "catalogs" to see what I might want to take a closer look at.

I have talked to some designers who swear they will never get on the venue bandwagon. I am not really clear what their problems are with this business model, but there obviously are some. Perhaps it is a bit too "cattle call" for them; they like to feel a bit higher on the totem pole.

I have blogged venues a lot in the past. Currently my shop is in three monthly venues with some specialty events now and then. It works for me.

Why? Well business-wise, there is exposure. I notice folks coming to my (now twelves times larger - OMG) shop and buying things. While the twelve times larger is impressive (well I hope so anyway) they don't KNOW that until they arrive. So the products likely have something to do with the sales.

There are lots of monthly venues out there. Getting in -- even if you make fairly impressive original mesh -- isn't all that easy. Sometimes the best way is to let the event folks find YOU. As with much these days some venues are run by folks that are really paying attention and others by folks that watched too many episodes of Legally Blonde. As with many things you can do your research  -- also known as gossip -- and try the demo (first time presence) and see where you fit.

I like these compact shopping experiences because there is a plan; often a theme; frequently a sense of camaraderie.  I love the setting up process and watching the event come together as designers add new things to the mix.

There is no real one way to market in SL these days. Long ago it was all about inworld shopping. Then the Marketplace became king and now events have added to the mix. Each avatar (and the person behind them) has their own way of discovering new products in their virtual lives. Venues are just one part of the mix.

The %Percent - Soho Cafe Table comes with texture change menu and lots of great animations with props (very convincing and good for close ups). Find it at -- you guessed it, an event -- the Vintage Fair which opens today on the 10th.


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