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On9 Photo Contest

On9 Photo Contest

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out you need to click on this small photo to zoom in on all the details! 

So On9 is having a photo contest.  This isn't a linden winning enterprise; it's more about fame and glory and the opportunity to reap a lot of blogger goodness in the July round of On9 (I know the theme and it is a fun one but lips are sealed).

Anyway, while I am not actually ENTERING the contest, I thought it would be fun to do the exercise as if I were. This isn't my normal mode of photography or blogging. I am more of a show me a few things and let me see them well gal.  All that said it was much fun to do.

Both fashion and homewares are in this post and all info on the Flickr page. I am not sure how much RULES will come into play here, but most folks entering don't seem to be reading OR following, so I suggest you might actually want to CONTEMPLATE the rules and that could possibly take you along the road to winner status.

There are also three free clothing items with links in the Flickr notes, so head on over if you want either of my friend's outfits.  Mine can of course be found at On9.

Have fun, be creative. And from a designer and shopper's point of view please let us SEE the items you are blogging. You know that is sort of the point of the exercise *wink*.

Again, all the credits are with the Flickr photo. Click that top picture to get there.


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