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Favorite Places Meme Revisited

This week's Monday Meme is one from the archives. To that end I found the "Favorite Places" meme that I did back in 2013 and with my own twist on the twist, I will revisit those spots and add my newest favorite.

A week or so ago I wandered through some not so old favorite places in my "photo op" folder to find the majority of them were gone. Happily three of the four I featured in 2013 are still around.  Some never left, some have been recreated, and one is pretty much like it was back in 2013 :D.

Magical Garden 2

First up from my 2013 list is The Looking Glass. The Looking Glass has changed over the years, but some old favorite builds still remain, nestled among newer creations. It is still a go-to spot -- especially when I am feeling nostalgic.

babbage 2018

I have always loved Steampunk, and Babbage was a frequent haunt back in my youth. I still visit now and then. Much is still vintage SL, but there are a few new impressive buildings. I would love to see a brand new Steampunk sim arise; some have over time but their pixels have dissipated into the mists.  Still, nostalgia is a warm and fuzzy accompaniment on a rainy evening, and the Age of the Prim was very much the high point in some ways for Second Life.

girl and guitar

Third on my 2013 was MOSP, the Machinima Open Studio Project at LEA7 (or perhaps it was LEA20 back then). The film and photography dedicated sim disappeared a couple of years ago, but it is newly returned at LEA6 with an all new build where original mesh reigns. With plenty of photo opportunities and 20 minute open rez in keeping with its predicesor's theme, I find it is once again my "I am in a hurry where can I shoot" spot.

Visit MOSP 3.0 here. 

Vayne at TCF

My newest photo op love is the Sapiens installation at LEA29. Endless industrial minimalist hallways with some impressive fractal art mix with elevators and floating balls. Oh yes, and STEAM :D.


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