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Night Scene

night storage

New events open this week. Shop, shop, shop.

From Tres Chic:

E-Clipse Design Moon set in many colors and big three fits. Perfect for at home lounging, the gym and late night wanderings. Shown are just two parts of the release which also include a harness and some fishnet high waist undies.

From [Since1975] a Smart Watch with color change hud and timezone changing abilities.

Fashionable, minimalist design is hefty enough for guys too. Resize scripted.

Hair by Dela, Sadie -- also at Tres Chic.

The Lancaster Worktable debuts at ULTRA and includes the many-drawered chest as well as the industrial lighting. Lights turn on and off individually.  Look for it at the Newchurch booth.

Poses by: aDORKable


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