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Black Valentine

black valentine

I have had a great love or two in my time. I guess it depends on what your definition of that adjective and noun combo might be. Wondrous moments mix with sadness -- its more or less the way things work.  If everything is perfect, we would have know way of judging the ups and downs and appreciating the hours, days and even minutes that make up our relationships.

So whether you are "in love" in that pink kind of way or remembering loves of long ago -- or don't even want to THINK about that "V" word, the day is going to happen.

From Roawenwood, the  Anti-Valentines Valentine Gacha - No Love Birds! which is the special Gift of the Garden reward for playing.

Cookie trays and plates in both happy pink or solemn black make up the offerings with one super cute box of ladybug heart cookies -- a mix of red AND black for those of us that are undecided.

Head on over to the Gacha Garden to try your luck.

I should note that I resized the No Love Birds cage a bunch for this photo. I really like it BIG :D.

A bunch of the gals went out hunt hunting the other eve, each going in a different direction. Sadly there was very little to report, but Sami did very well on a $5 hunt at Have Unequal.

The shorts and top are separate pieces and apparently hard to see. You are looking for a black guitar (not too big). Sami followed the hints (one pointing to the gachas and one pointing to the 'black' room) but ended up derendering items to find what she was looking for. So a hint there LOL.

This is a very nicely made set for Maitreya.

Both her shoes and necklace are older and likely not available.

Pose by: aDORKable


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