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32 days in Bellisseria

It has been a busy month. Lots of building and plenty of inventory shuffling with a few items lost long ago reappearing (and of course some DIS-appearing -- such is my life). I have had a wonderful time decorating my 1024 beachfront plot. So very much fun.

Aside from a couple of placeholder items that will hopefully be replaced soon and a little more clutter upstairs, I am set. With only a handful of prims left, I need to be thrifty but I am sure that items will come my way as the weeks and months pass by.

Feel free to stop by. Heathstone on the beachfront. Lots of outside clutter. Easy to find.

My big news this week was the return of my normal framerates after many months at half speed. It looks like my issues were network related as they were fixed when the network updates were completed. VERY happy to have things running better; a trip down Memory Lane to the Old Gray Days was not fun. 

Looking forward to SL16B next month, I will be taking some time off for a bit. I will still be around of course, just not working quite as much.

The Bellisseria Places Page has been updated with new Atoll areas.  See the sidebar.

And the typist is off to the tub.


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