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Bayou Revisted

I lived in the Bayou for about a year some time back. It was one of my favorite homes. Plenty of atmosphere - swamps and voodoo and wild chickens and alligators. The folks there really knew how to get into the theme. 

I ventured back Sunday evening, not to the sim that I lived on -- it has departed, but on a sister sim which echos the mood. Some of the same folks are making their home at BAYOU CHAT NOIR, but mesh has replaces prims and sculpts and it is even lovelier than I remembered.


NO.MATCH NO.BREEZE hair  (browns pack out for Hello Tuesday)

Deep Staic Colin Glasses  @ Hipster

Insomnia Store Tied Shirt
KUNGLERS - Gigi bracelet
Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top

Pose by: Kirin


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