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Search and Rescue

An adventurous morning included my first boating trip at Bellisseria.  My vehicle?  A new gift on the Marketplace, the [HVW] Emergency Response Boat. Easy to steer, a brief manual is included. Note that a bunch of the info in the documentation comes from other vehicles and so it CAN be confusing.  

The important parts to remember are:
  • Click on the motor to get the menu.
  • The up and down arrow keys control the gear (speed)
  • The right and left arrow keys control the direction. 

This is a cute little boat with lots of charm. My only issue was that it seemed to reset my camera and I couldn't get back to my norm.  This of course MAY have been me, but watch out for that.

My trip began at the boat rezzing area at Norse Auk and ended in front of my abode in Heathstone.  It was a lovely early morning jaunt, if a bit chilly in the post dawn hours. 

I took the ocean route rather than wandering amid the houseboats. Perhaps next time I will be more adventurous and navigate the passage between my Northern nautical neighbors.

There were plenty of sights to see along the way. I went at a leisurely pace but did try a few moments of speeding.  I definitely appreciated the bouy markers; they helped keep me on course. 

Because my camera angle refused to return to my comfortable setting, I finally -- after all these years -- changed my default rear camera angle. I was resistant to do this before, mostly because I want to be able to see how my houses work at the default setting. Of course I can test them by changing the setting back to default. So that will be the plan from here on out. 

Meanwhile if YOU haven't tried a "better" way of looking at the world, I took a quick screenshot with my settings. To get to this floating window you will need to go to Advanced> Show Debug Settings.  I have to admit I like this view of the world MUCH better :D.

A later note to self:  For whatever reason my -2.000 became MUCH closer than in this screenshot (who knows) and so I changed to -3.200 which looks much like what is shown above. 

Fashion credits in tonight's post, already in the queue.

Pose by: aDORKable


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