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A Scooter Journey

With my framerates back to my normal -- months in the reversal -- I have been doing a happy dance, almost continuously. I decided to see if my scooter worked better with a doubling of those important digits.

The not so grand tour went from my nearest rez area back to my home.  Not that far, but I still got into trouble a time or two. Happily the folks with security seem to be following The Lab's rules and I made it back on the street (oh so not gracefully) before I was booted home (whew!).

There are some lovely areas along the route. I especially like the homes with rock steps leading to them. I headed west then south and fairly quickly found myself at my home region. The crossroad leads to the neighborhood rocky park which was my cue to get off the main roads. Navigating the PATH was much more difficult and I ended up on one neighbors yard trying to get back beyond the fence line.

But eventually I DID make it home.  No way could I squeeze artfully back through my tiny gate opening with my current skills so I hopped off and let the server return my scooter.

{what next}  Monaco Scooter

Trudi top by MEVA
{MYNX} Used Skinny Jeans
Baetik : Zola Espadrille : Print (more on those in a later post - new)


Poses by: the scooter


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