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Good Morning Autumn

A great round at Cosmo again and that makes me happy.   Clothes and hair and lots of great Home and Garden items abound. More are coming up but here is  a selection to peak your interest.

At the main event:

Your Dreams{YD} Peace of autumn -  Small garden
Your Dreams{YD} Peace of autumn - Bed PG/A (rumpled an on the floor; so many memories there)  Color change menu

(Fundati) Dead Tree Twisted -- my favorite from a big collection which includes colorful dead trees, stumps and a great new spooky tree

//Ascend// Jenna Cropped Leather Jacket - MAITREYA   -- so many colors to choose from. The detailing is spectacular and you can change zipper and tank colors with a separate hud.

.::Supernatural::. Kali Set Gold - necklaces come as a set or separately and in various metal choices.


And out for Hello Tuesday, the ..::THOR::..Riverside Refuge - Complete  -- This is a super tall build that can be lowered into the ground. Lovely detailing, the living space is tiny but cozy with plenty of deck space. It would work well on water also; just park your boat at the end of the fenced deck and ladder. This is a LOD 3 or 4 build so checking out the demo is of course advised. 

Pose by: SEMotion


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