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Sun Dappled Morn

It has been a lovely October in my part of the corporeal world, translated into virtual life with the help of a few Windlight sliders.  Bright sun, clear skies with spectacular sunsets and sunrises offer sharp contrasts. 

If you happen to be one of the folks living in the newly released Bellisseria trailers -- or otherwise "prim challenged", you will definitely want to check out the new release from Second Spaces.   This Kirby Sofa comes in both light and dark (shown) versions, with good LODs and pretty textures. Add to that  singles and couples animation choices and it gets interesting. Add to THAT a 4 land impact rating and it becomes MORE than interesting.    Couches and beds are always difficult to find in the low land impact range, so if you are hunting for ways to get more for less be sure and visit Uber.   This is part of a big retro set that includes a really nice well-used sideboard, some fun window frames and other decor items.

Also at Uber, the new Cristy releases. Here I mixed the Cristy set (pants and tank) with the Cristy blouse. The tank became invisible to show off some extra cleavage.   Lots of great colors on the fatpack hud which includes patterned pants in various styles.  Belt and choices of textures come with the pants.  Look ffor the Baiastice booth.

The KUNGLERS Shana necklace features animal inspired touches including a jaguar and a full texture change hud.  Find it out at Cosmopolitan.

Guitar: {what next}
Sculpture: Lucas Lameth
Plant: Roiro

Pose by: the couch


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