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We don't seem to use words like "clever" and "imaginative" and "creative" as much as we did when SL was young. Partly Second Life has become more of a business for many folks -- those who have spents hundreds of hours learning a craft so tha they could create in the post mesh world that is now SL.

It wasn't a pretty back in the times early days, but the playing field was a bit more flat and I at least remember us laughing more.  So in a land where items are often created over and over with only slight variations, it is refreshing to see a release with some surprises thrown in.

This is the :: MS Design :: Mime Outfit  currently available at Cosmopolitan.  One color and for Maitreya only, it offers lots of fun and thoughtful extras.  The outfit comes with playing cards to store inside the front chest pocket as well as a beret and a jaunty scarf.  Animations are included along with the set (oh my) and if you have Omega for your mesh head and hands there is mime face paint  and glove appliers.

I took myself over to the Eiffel Tower because the first thing I connect Mimes to is Paris.   Wikipedia tells me that miming dates back before that city came into being, but also mentions several well known French actors the introduced many of us to the art.  Hence -- PARIS.

Hair: Vanity Hair After Dark (old)

Pose by: the Mime Set


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