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Linden Lab Update - Sansar and SL

Club Ra by Fullspectrum (Medhue and Bagnaria) and yes those lights do move and the armature drops down and retreats periodically - as visited at The End of the World As We Know It Party (Medhue's RL birthday too). 

At this point we really don't know what will happen to Sansar. As I suggested in my previous post, the Powers That Be are still deciding.  There seems to be no coverage of the current climate -- either in Sansar or Second Life. So, while not inclined to talk politics I do believe in recording history.  To that end, here are my observations.

There are indeed things here that I "could say" (official) that I am not going to say. Partly because I was asked not to, and partly because I am not the six o'clock news desk.  What I DO want to impart to those who don't journey over to Sansar or the Discord channel -- is the atmosphere of the last few days.

Adversity binds or tears apart. 

Happily, for most Sansarians, at least the ones talking on Discord -- the glue factor is winning out.   There were of course discussions on where to go should the platform close.  What would be a fitting haven for some would be a nightmare for others. No clear answer emerged. No Exodus plans made as a group.  Those already in other platforms have tried to give pros and cons from their experiences as a guides for others.

Amidst the turmoil, questioning and disappointment there is a camaraderie. Many feel they are in this together. It is a lovely thing to see. Not everyone likes each other of course; I don't want to paint a picture of perfect bliss.  But, especially for folks that have been in Sansar for awhile there is a nostalgia that doesn't want to be released. Many have vowed to stay until the end -- if there IS an end. Honestly, we really don't know.

There have been parties, well attended public events, meditation circles. There have been new products, sales and the unveiling of new worlds. Life goes on while we are waiting for answers.

When will the answers come?   Possibly next week.  Possibly not.

What about Second Life and its citizens?   

Personally, I am a bit disappointed in them as a whole.  Many see any demise of Sansar  as a good thing (for them of course). They aren't looking at the big picture OR doing the math.   The reoccurring "they should never have started Sansar" comes up often. They forget that keeping the status quo permanent equals stagnation. There can be no invention without risk.

If Ryan's figures of 43 people journeying into the mist are correct (and the number has has not be officially refuted as yet), those employees did NOT all come from Sansar. There weren't 43 employees IN Sansar last week before the layoffs.   Still, those constantly complaining seem to have their own and very concrete opinions, most with no evidence or even thought.  It is disheartening at best. 

Using completely unofficial figures as we have only casual comments to work from, I am guessing that there are about 25 to 30 people left at The Lab --- down from around 100. Talking to others who DO pay attention, my numbers match theirs. Whether we are correct or not, who knows.

Is downsizing a "bad" thing?  Probably not. As Oz Linden stated a time or two in Town Halls, a smaller crew makes work go faster.  He didn't elaborate but I suspect it is that too many cooks in the kitchen syndrome being avoided.    So, fewer people, multi-tasking job descriptions, less monetary outlay.  Hopefully the small crew will pull together just as the Sansar citizenship is.

Again, let's look back and see that there were major layoffs in 2006 and 2010 -- and obviously there was recovery and growth following those times. Hopefully that is a pattern that can continue.


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