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The Waiting Game

Waiting for the new Belli houses to be revealed.
Waiting to hear the fate of Sansar.
Waiting for Friday's Lab Chat.

Twiddling thumbs with no clear "todo" list, I journeyed over to Bamse for Hello Tuesday and played the Architect gacha.   I did very well and got all but one rare.  The set is lovely with good LODs.

There is a thread on the SL forums about living on the mainland. I have had many abodes in the eclectic environment of no rules. Most were positive.   My lastest spot is on Xenotaur where you can get a variety of houses with 300 land impact allowance for $100 a week.  Hard to beat really if your style runs toward modern.   The same mini-city hosts my free art gallery so that makes it feel even more like home.   Journey over for a look if you are in the market for new digs.


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