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Midnight Gardens

A new gacha previews from PANAVIA  at Cosmopolitan. I am not sure it has a name, so I am calling it Midnight Garden.  Now there are some caveats that come with this post and this release.  First of all the LODs -- some very good, at least one very bad and some in the middle. So if you use LOD 4 - no worries. If you are a LOD 2 user then this would be better in a skybox setting. 

The other thing is that the items are frequently named incorrectly. I am guessing it is a language thing. Happily the items are mod (at least my blogger ones are) so I simply renamed some.  Hence "desk bowl" is now "white vase with flowers" :D.

All that being said, this is so very creative I wanted to show it to you and let YOU decide it if is something of interest. It is a big set of 23 items with two rares (house and grounds). Several forms of lighting are in the mix.

The good news (going along in part with the LOD settings) is that the whole build as shown is 87 land impact.


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