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Checking in on EEP

With much of my sim move under my belt, I knew I needed to see how the lighting looked under EEP.  My first tests back in April weren't conducive to dancing in joyous abandon, but that had been awhile.  Happily it seems like some tweeks have helped bring our Windlight World closer to our EEP World.

These are unretouched screenshots (cropped and resized only) of the differences between the popular Firestorm viewer (still  no EEP) and the current Linden default viewer.  They use the region default which I set using one of my Windlight skies and waters.


If you compare these they seem MUCH closer than my previous photo from April.

Granted this is a different Windlight setting so this isn't any kind of absolute test, but I am happy that folks using my new sim default settings will actually see things looking good. 

So let's see  how the barn looks under the current Windlight setting as above.   I logged Lani into the Linden viewer and oh so happily it looks very much like it should.   NOW I am doing a happy dance.

As an aside to this test, I want to apologize to long time readers.  The last few weeks at Blogspot have been problematic. There is a new version of the backend (which didn't work at all when I tried it last). That's one thing. But loading has been consistently horrible.  I have no idea WHY but it isn't just me as two friends commented on the "waiting, waiting, waiting" icon.

Nothing I can do about it unfortunately, but hopefully The Powers That Be will eventually get things working as they should. So -- it isn't YOU either ::D.

Still, some very good news about EEP!


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