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Gamekeeper's Clutter

One thing I hear often these days --- and I really relate --- is that there isn't much NEW in Second Life.  Well, you know -- seventeen years.  But I have to say for the most part that Second Spaces (now in the "clutter" business") has some of the most niche items out there.

Some of my favorites include an underground bomb shelter, home improvement products, garage clutter and a selection of cleaning products.  All fun additions to our virtual lives.

This new release is a bit different but certainly worked well into my little corner of the world.

The Gamekeeper's Clutter set includes two big overhead ceiling collections and two big against the wall groupings.   The definitely add to the atmosphere.

Find them at the Wizarding Faire 2020 which lasts through August 9th.  Since this is a role play event I expect some fun shopping and plan to get over there lickety-split. 

In the foreground (because most good photos have interest in a few places *wink*) are some great boots from MIRUS Designs for the FabFree group. Find them on the gift wall.  Maitreya and Slink only.


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