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I spent part of the afternoon on an adventure -- following breadcrumbs so to speak that took me from the Hop and Shop to DaD to Summerfest with an extra side trip along the way.  It was kind of like the good old days and I enjoyed it immensely. 

The end of my journey had me arriving at Summerfest, which -- if it is the same event I remember from some years ago -- happens  in our warm weather days. The them is beach and sun and casual fun. The sim designers did a wonderful job of making the shopping both fun and easy. Wander the curving paths and peek in the open booths to find some favorite items.

I was after these super cute baskets and flowers which I spied near the entry point of DaD when I was looking for a demo of a summer greenhouse available at Hop and Shop (see good girl, demo demo demo).  At the end of my adventure I returned to Hop and Shop and picked that up too.

AND aside from the sun and the fun there is a really nice gift at the DaD booth. More flowers that just scream "SUMMER"!  Don't miss these.

Outfit credits in previous post.

Pose with flowers by: Poppycock


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