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The weekend sales are feeling like a chore to me these days. I am "saturated" for many reasons.  I was going to make a post about the 250 plus events that pretty much seem to have the same thing over and over, and to that end I started a survey of sorts on the forums.  Feel free to see what others think if you are so inclined. And of course add your point of view.  

Meanwhile I am still in a few creator groups that preview their offerings, and this weeks set from Nutmeg is a winner.  It includes both PG and A bed with or without basket and with choice of four fabrics for the top of the mattress, a rug and pillow. Triangle count and LODs are much improved over some earlier works so clapping there. The rug is 8 li (not because of triangles) so that may not work for some folks.  A demo is out at the store.  

.:revival:. ibiza pergola


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