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Spool Art - 25 Tuesday

Hands down my favorite for this week's 25 Tuesday event, the *AF* Craft Room SOI - Thread Heart which is obviously -- if you know the code -- the special prize for playing a gacha machine enough times.  

I personally don't believe in reselling gacha items after events as I think that is unfair to the folks that played the machine -- especially 20 times in order to GET the "never to be sold again" item, but since it is no longer exclusive, I am happy to have a copy.  I have a treadle sewing machine and a fair amount of sewing gear already in my inventory and this will make a nice addition to a sewing corner some time in the future. 

Find it -- not so obviously -- on the wall at the entrance at Artisan Fantasy.   Check the LODs for your use. They are pretty good, but I would have preferred to spend and extra LI for even longer :D.  

Happy sewing!!!


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