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Little Yellow Taxi

Tis the June round of The Arcade and while there are plenty of strange things and at least one OMG overpriced item (IMO :D) there are definitely some winners.   This 2. Serenity Style- Tuk Tuk Taxi RARE was what I was trying for and the Universe was on my side with a first try "win".  As a shopper I like the new system  of trying for the "opportunity" to buy!   This is a great release since you end up with a cute car every time.  The other RARE is a dirty greeb version.    It  comes with a hud and instructions.  17 LI

{what next} 'Black' Monaco Scooter (patterned luggage)
[Cb] Deluxe Filler Building  V1 Tan  w escape and doors 40li (ChiC buildings)
[Cb] City Sidewalk Set 
Yugen.// young linden. 04


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