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The Upcoming Birthday Bash

The SL20B sims opened to creators Thursday afternoon.  Some folks are building away.  It is all very hush hush of course but I can show you a small bit of my exhibit -- artified'; as usual it was made ready to go on my work pad.    I can see one outstanding build from my small parcel and a lot of folks having fun and that is the point of the creative process.

My place -- not unexpectedly is a  bit of peacefulness' amidst the cacophony of what is the birthday celebration.  New this year is the ability to set your EEP.  It is also good of course to test using the day cycle.  Hopefully folks will make adjustments as needed.  I found a nice "Places" EEP and going with a late Summer afternoon - early evening look.  

My center sculpture wasn't made for the event but it does have a futuristic look. The rest is quite traditional in nature :D. 

In a couple of weeks you will be able to explore and see what both citizens and the Moles have created. I am hoping we get to see the new 2048 Belli builds and perhaps the new avatars. But one never knows.


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