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Getting Beachy

A great group gift awaits at {FAFA}. The Kayin Dress comes in many new sizing including BOTH Lara and LaraX.  I love bold ethnic prints and this store has tons to choose from. There is a group gift for the guys also.  Free group. 

Needing some place beachy to show off my new styling I went to the destination guide and chose a resort area called Blue Falls Oasis.  I couldn't have asked for better color coordination - :D.  Maybe that was a subliminal thing in my choosing. 

There is plenty to do here including games and a gym, free drinks and appetizers and short tern rentals (well I am guessing short term since it is a resort).  They have done a very nice job mixing the SL of old with newer amendments -- a little nostalgic.  FOLLOW THE BRIGHT ARROW to get to the beach.  

Hair:  no.match_ ~ NO_ICETEA ~ 

Poses by: SE Motion and FashionOwl


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