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Round Table Monday Morn

You can watch the live stream of this here: 

If you missed it -- the video is here. 

For those of you who never read the official blog ---- this is an announcement for the first round table by Linden Lab.   Find the official post here. 

I plan to be there. Hopefully it will be captured for YouTube viewing for those that cannot attend. This isn't actually the FIRST SL Roundtable of course. Ebbe had several but this is the first under the new owner.   It will hopefully be informative.  

And what about this picture?  Well as you know I REALLY hate to post without something pretty up top and while there is an official poster for the event it didn't seem a good plan to use that :D.

These are a couple of the tables from the 2023 Advent Calendar , now only available as part of the full pack on the Marketplace.  The plants are from Finca and were gifts at one time. The magazines are mine from OH so long ago and basically no longer available.  

This is a corner of my now completed bedroom in the Victorian house at Kings Row. 


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