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WLRP Anniversary Time

We Love Roleplay is celebrating another year. I am not sure WHICH year even with some sluething but a double digit year I am pretty sure. I can remember some of the very early rounds, then when the event became bigger with individual  "craft booths" and now of course in an easy to shop format that is very popular if not as much fun :D.

There are some impressive releases to peruse and gifts to pick up.  Some gifts are in boxes, some on posters -- many with photos so you don't need to pick up thigs you know you can't use.   

My personal favorite among the many H and G items is this LORIEN DARK MAGIC ALTAR. Impressive with indeed a capital "I".    

My dress is a "fits everyone" number and very pretty.  It comes in two shapes  and with an alpha.  If you are super attached to your shape this probably won't be a big hit, but for folks who have issues with their off-brand mesh bodies and like roleplay it is quite useful.

The Muses - Scrolled Peacock Gown - Shape 1 (wear w alpha) 

While I may never have an occasion to wear this Landgraff - Face Veins 100% tattoo layer I do really like it and for me a keeper.  Also shown is part of a makeup set  -- K R E E P - Pisces Evo x : Eyeshadow

[Yomi] Vamp Hair // V-Bangs // Sm Head

Poses by: aDORKable


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