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Just How Old ARE You

The question of age is in the minds of some folks -- especially short avatars who feel they may be mistaken for a teenager.  That whole teen dividing line in the new Child Avatar rules is a killer and while it comes no doubt from real life laws it could easily be a problem.  From Second Life's historical data we can see that few rules will actually get enforced. 

We don't really have police even though there are plenty of citizens willing to report infractions.  I have pretty much given up on reporting as my results have been bleak but I did try again last week and as expected nothing was done.  So personally I am OUT of the "good citizen" pool. 

Still it is a question to ponder.  This is an alt of mine. She got a makeover when the Lelutka Noel Advent adventure happened last year.  She is gorgeous but just how old IS she?  I didn't MEAN to make her young but she was just so pretty I left her that way.  She is also short and like all my gals has small breasts.  

She has on makeup but so do young teenagers so her age is fairly ambiguous.   Since she clocks in at 17 years of virtual life she (if checked) is obviously NOT A CHILD but that doesn't matter.  

I am looking forward to any spotlight on this issue at the Round Table and I will add to this post.  

My take away from the comments made at the meeting is that folks are worrying more than they need too  -- but they should BE SMART.  Other SLers  may have heard things differently of course.  


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