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Newbie Style Challenge II

Gogo does it again with the second Newbie Challenge. The rules are much more lax than last time and I expect to see some terrific looking avatars.  With a $550L limit you can get some great stuff.  I had a wonderful time on the last challenge and that post is STILL my second highest in views of almost 2,300 pages.

I took this opportunity (and the great link to a place where you can still get a last name) to make and ALT of my own. After almost four years, I guess it is time. I can use a camera girl that doesn't have to do double duty as "star".  MY rules were much more strick that Gogo's.

Firstly I didn't want to spend any money.  I have never purchased any lindens and I didn't expect a "second me" to change that rule. I also decided to make her look as much like my real life version as possible.

You wouldn't mistake us as twins, but like me she is short, round (do not confuse that with voluptuous *wink*) with long gray curly hair. She likes casual clothes and I tried to pick out something close to what I would wear in real life.

So this is the new me after about three hours of hunting and gathering. The photo at right is how we look coming out of the pod these days. I am not sure there is much of an improvement over four years ago, but there are prim shoes. I can't recall what I had on at first that fateful day in December 2007.

Note: As the dawn rose the day after this post was made, I realized that I had brought my alt into the world through an OLD portal, hence the not up to date look of the default avatar. The text based screen had no "choose your avatar" and even sex wasn't decided until a black menu popped up on the viewer asking me to choose between male and female. So be prepared for that if you use the UK library link. 

The other thing I was surprised at was the different look of my viewer (Firestorm). While some settings happily remained (Windlight for one), others went back to default which was a bit disconcerting. Since there will be a new version of Firestorm out "very soon" (so says the official blog), I am not going to worry much about that for now. Just be prepared if you are new to altdom. This of course is logical if I would have thought about it. The viewer has no idea the my alt and I want the same viewer settings. There could be several people in a household (or college library) using the same computer.

I will post again as our deadline comes close to an end and most likely with more time if not money, she will be more spiffily attired. But for a few hours out of the pod I think she looks pretty good.

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Dove (Free Dove which is way smaller than when I was new) I tinted and shortened to match my own.
Skin: Amacci Skin - Jenny (Nutmeg) - Pumpkin (group gift)
Shape: made from scratch
Eyes: Amacci GreyBrown Eyes - Big (free in store)
Eyelashes: MeOnline70 (Marketplace)
Bra: [ Attitudes ] FW11 freebie - B&W bikini top (free in store)
Shirt: VERO MODERO / WomenStuff (free to group)
Jeans: [ bubble ] Fall Skinny Ripped Pants (Mushroom Hunt)
Shoes: [V] Vignette Toasties  Rich (all free store)

LAP Basic AO (free under 30 days)

Total expenditure $0L

My location is the new Patisserie at Alchemy Immortalis.  There were ten retail packages up for grabs the other day which I am guessing are gone now. Still, a great place to visit and eye the no calorie goodies.

Poses by: LAP


Gogo said…
What a great skin find! That's probably gonna be the hardest thing to spend next-to-nothing for, esp with me being so picky and all. The Amacci skin looks good :)

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